Dentistry 101 - Creating Healthy Mouths and Happy Clients

An introductory dental course for veterinarians and technicians.  Interactive
lecture topics include: creating a dental department, review of tooth and oral
anatomy, steps of a complete oral examination, review of oral pathology, steps
of periodontal therapy, dental charting and client education.  This course will
provide veterinarians and technicians with the basic knowledge to get started in
veterinary dentistry.

Intraoral Radiology - Beyond What Our Eyes Can See

This course is designed for veterinarians and technicians.  Intraoral radiology is
the cornerstone to the diagnosis, treatment planning and monitoring of oral
disease.  It allows us to determine what pathology lies where our eyes cannot
see and to determine treatment protocol based on factual information.  Tips and
techniques to obtain diagnostic intraoral radiographs will be discussed.  A wet
lab will allow participants to have "hands on" practice in the use of dental
radiography and dental digital radiography.  A lecture discussing the
interpretation of dental radiographs  will follow the laboratory.

Dentistry 201 - Regional Analgesia, Periodontal Surgery and Extraction

This course is for veterinarians only.  Interactive lecture topics include:  pain
management in oral surgery, periodontal surgery and steps to surgical
extractions.  The laboratory following the lectures will allow the veterinarian to
practice local anesthetic techniques, open and closed root planing and
curettage, use of perioceutic, gingivectomy and surgical extractions on dog and
cat specimens.

All of the above courses are held at the Northern Illinois University Campus,
5555 Trillium Blvd., Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60195.

  •  Directions to Northern Illinois University in Hoffman Estates  Find NIU

Veterinary Dental Continuing Education

VDENT Seminars
    Veterinary Dental Education, Networking and Training

Through the creation of VDENT Seminars it is Dr. Charlier’s vision to teach the
veterinary healthcare team about dental health and its potential impact on your
patients, your clients and your practice in an interactive, fun learning
environment that encourages networking, the exchange of ideas, experiences
and practice tips.

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Customized Veterinary Dental Education for Your Hospital  

We can work together to customize a seminar or seminar series that will best
meet the needs of YOUR hospital. Expanding your staff’s knowledge of
veterinary dentistry will allow them to provide enhanced dental care for your

In addition to staff education, we can evaluate your current equipment, advise
you on future equipment purchases and provide you with client education

2015 VDENT Seminar Series

NEW for 2015 Exclusively Feline Dentistry 2 Day DVM CE
Feline Dentistry
Join us for two days of feline dentistry only.  Beginning on day one with clinically
relevant maxillofacial and tooth anatomy, pain management,  and dental
radiographs.  The afternoon lab will teach participants how to obtain diagnostic
dental radiographs. Day two lectures include feline gingivostomatitis, oral tumors,
surgical extractions and complications of extractions.  The afternoon lab will
teach participants how to complete oral surgery to extract teeth and retrieve
fractured root tips.
2015 VDENT Three Day Dentistry Seminars
Three days of dental continuing education offered 4 times during 2015.  
Participants may attend one day, two days or all three days – whatever best
serves you.  
The 2015 dates, registration forms and further information can be found by
clicking on the title of the seminars listed below.
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